Supporting careers and optimising organisational performance for 25 years

As a long-standing and award nominated delivery partner of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), we have supported over 1000 professionals to achieve professional qualifications.

Enhancing performance through individual development

Through our programmes and initiatives, we have supported well over 10,000 people to gain experience, confidence, and ultimately decent work through practical programmes that connect them to employers and industry.

Working in partnerships with academics, vocational institutes, public and private bodies, The Challenges Group have improved organisational performance through the development of people.

To be able to support any individuals or enterprises with their requirements, we have developed and delivered a suite of training programmes to support specific needs and we will continue to innovate in response to the outcomes our partners want to achieve and that enterprises demand.


Tailored training in inclusive entrepreneurship, business, and team management

Aimed at early-stage entrepreneurs, offering inclusive and tailored entrepreneurship, business management and team management training in one place. The training is designed to work with young people, women, people with additional barriers (such as displaced people, persons with disabilities, people with protected characteristics).

Making Work Work - Ready to RISE

Supporting women to develop ideas for social enterprise which support their need for fair, flexible work

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Falling Walls Lab

The global interdisciplinary platform for students and early-career professionals.


The leading intergovernmental organisation in the field of migration.

Anyim Maber

Enhanced opportunities for employment and employability for youth with disabilities.

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Tailored Management & Leadership courses

Early-stage Career Development Training

We have developed a suite of signature projects that provide a complete professional – early-stage development package. Designed to help young people or career switchers gain confidence, develop their skills and understand where they want their career to go. Achieving their full potential and the potential of the organisation or enterprise they go on to work with.

Junior to Mid-level Management Training

For purpose driven organisations to work to their optimum efficiency, they need confident, knowledgeable, and responsible management teams and leaders. But often junior and middle management teams don’t have the time, internal resources, and potential internal will to help them become better managers. Leaving them feeling under prepared and ill trained.