We support organisations to access finance that helps them grow and have impact

Getting the funds to start or scale a business can be a barrier to achieving the impact enterprises want to make. We offer the following help: finance training, access to finance, and financial feasibility studies - so purpose-driven enterprises can more easily access funding.

We offer onsite pre-investment help

We provide SMEs with a clear roadmap for how to become investment ready. Post-investment, Challenges Group offers affordable business improvement support, enhancing management capabilities and ensuring resilience. See our other services.

Recognising financial challenges in low and middle-income countries, Challenges Group addresses financing gaps through comprehensive feasibility studies, with the aim of innovating social enterprise funding structures. Our lending facilities support SMEs that meet social impact criteria or aim to create local jobs and develop the value chain.

Our financial management training covers record-keeping, financial statements, budgeting and forecasting and template support. Challenges Group is more than a financial partner; we're architects of sustainable growth, empowering businesses in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.

Tailored Strategic Solutions, Competitive Advantage and Implementation

Using methods such as value chain analysis, strengths and weaknesses assessments, and strategic resource evaluation, we help clients understand their unique position in the market. Our approach relies on collaborative creative ideation sessions and scenario planning to identify untapped opportunities and areas for improvement. This comprehensive internal analysis ensures our clients are well-equipped to differentiate themselves and excel in their respective markets.

We also employ collaborative frameworks that involve stakeholder mapping, scenario planning, and SWOT analysis and integrate design thinking principles to conjure innovative solutions and utilise project management methodologies like Prince2 to ensure flexible and efficient strategy execution.

Our approach to strategic implementation goes beyond conventional metrics. We employ impact measurement methodologies (logic models and theory of change frameworks) alongside traditional KPIs to gauge the real-world effectiveness of strategies. This dual focus ensures a balance between commercial success and broader impact, driving meaningful change within your organisation.

The results of our interventions include:

Community outreach lending, targeting 60% of women-led enterprises

Rigorous due diligence for diverse economic opportunities

Effective processes, eligibility screening, and governance structures

Creation of workable business and financial models

50% increase in new jobs and 30% revenue rise for selected businesses

Significant financial contributions to clean energy