enterprise support

We value deep market understanding, business capabilities, and growth potential

We specialise in providing services to small and medium-sized enterprises, ranging from ideation support, product/service market fit, detailed market analysis and strategy, enterprise diagnostics and financial analysis and scenario modelling to help an organisation grow and develop.

Enterprise Diagnostics

Knowing a business’s capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses is key to growth. Working closely with your organisation, our business consultants will analyse your primary internal functions, including:

Management and Leadership

Organisation and Staff

Product/Service Processing

Financial Management

Sales and Marketing

Risks, Environmental and Social Impact

Enterprise Strengthening

Enterprise Strengthening

We have a long legacy of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises to build capacity, boost sales, optimise operations and improve financial stability.

We use innovative diagnostic methodologies to analyse your business and develop detailed financial models. The data gathered informs tailored interventions and improvements across an organisation’s management.

The analysis often leads to piloting new services, setting up new operations, and gaining investment.

Piloting & Prototyping

Piloting & Prototyping

Our Pilot and Prototyping service illustrated the client-centred approach we take at Challenges, an example of how we design bespoke projects and programmes around the needs of a business.

Starting with a considered view of a business’s capabilities and target market, we work closely with management to hone the product or service. Once the product or service is determined, testing and diagnosis can begin with multiple opportunities for feedback and refinement.

Access to Finance

Access to Finance

With over two decades of experience building successful enterprises, Challenges Group offers considerable opportunities for potential investors, including impact investors.

With knowledge, access to international networks and an innovative approach, we can find prospects and support them through a diagnostic pipeline for investment readiness; our portfolio management tools provide sophisticated performance and impact assessments for optimised investor-client collaboration.

Operational Setup

Operational Setup

Our business consultants will support enterprises to set up new areas of business, operational activities, partnerships and other new ventures.

As part of this service, we can:

Represent clients in contract negotiations and licensing/distribution deals

Help form partnerships or ventures

Develop trade investment

Directly support in-country replication, including sourcing premises, staff recruitment and business/customer relations

Market Builder

Market Builder

Market Builder is our tried and tested method for developing social enterprises in rural communities worldwide, taking a place-based market system approach.

The starting point for the market builder model is to plan and deliver pilot projects alongside the local community, which builds trust.

Our responsibility then evolves to manage the first stage of the journey. We adopt a comprehensive and sustainable approach when identifying and planning social enterprise activity. We apply realistic green, inclusive principles to our core process, enabling supply chains to become more inclusive and transparent.

We help social enterprises flourish by building the foundations for them to engage with distribution, wholesaling, retailing and other third-party enterprises so they can ultimately connect with mainstream finance and become fully self-supporting.

Our Market Builder model is running in Ghana, Rwanda and Malawi, and our ambition is to roll this out more widely across the world.